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[Status update] Not being able to see who downvotes my stuff makes me feel sad. ;(

Just saying...

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Mar 03, 2017 at 08:51 AM

People down voting your stuff? That's hard to believe. I'm sure it was a slip of the mouse and they meant to upvote. That's the obvious thing to do with anything you post...


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;) I wish...

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it was a slip of the mouse...

Yes, that is very likely, prominently among politicans in Germany:)

(Not that I'm expect those here.)

My upvote here may help out:)

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Yes, that is very likely, prominently among politicians in Germany:)

I'll take that and I'll raise you "alternative facts" from the US politicians.

Someone "misremembered" which button to click. :)

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Ah, must have been an all-too-powerful mod interfering here!

Now I'll stop skating on very thin ice:)

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Coffee Corner is your safe space. You can only be liked here :)

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I don't mind being downvoted so much as not knowing who did it to know if I should actually care about that thumbs down. ^^

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I think, it was discussed that downvote option would be available only with a comment... Similar algorithm exists in Idea's place.

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To make the users give some reasoning behind it? Seems like it would help.

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That was suggested, yes. But I still don't know if it will ever be visible. In new SCN who liked stuff etc also went dark because of reasons. Privacy, something like that.

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+1 from me. I wrote about this somewhere but can't find it now, of course.

I'd want to know if a downvote came from someone whose opinion I value. If OP or some "drive-bys" decide to downvote for the reasons that have nothing to do with the accuracy of my answer - that's fine. But if it's otherwise I'd want to learn from it. Although I guess if someone respectable downvoted my answer they would've at least posted a comment to correct me.

As a side note - so far I the only answers I downvoted were either really bad advice or complete nonsense. In the rare instances I could offer more input than given by other reputable SCN members I just posted my own answer or a comment.

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