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author's profile photo Alan Guillermo Valenzuela Amezquita

¿Cuantos hablamos español por acá?

En la versión anterior, no se podía poner preguntas en español y ahora veo que si se puede, ¿pero vale la pena poder preguntas en español?

Ya que la gente que no habla español obviamente no va a responder.

¿Que piensan?

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  • Feb 28, 2017 at 11:25 PM

    hmm, vielleicht doch, aber ich weiss jetzt halt nicht ob du die Antwort verstehst.

    • Mar 01, 2017 at 01:24 PM

      Yes. What Jürgen said.

      Please keep in mind that (and please pardon me for answering in English) that choosing a non-English language automatically limits the tags you can select. I believe these tags are based upon the topics most popular within a country where that language is spoken.

      So I suppose it really depends on what you want to ask about...and whether it may be within the context of a specific geography.

      If you'd like more details about the localization strategy for the new community (which, unfortunately, is in English), this post may be of interest to you:

      Best regards,


  • Mar 01, 2017 at 04:54 PM

    Here's Google Translate version of OP:

    "In the previous version, you could not put questions in Spanish and now I see that if you can, but it's worth asking questions in Spanish? Since people who do not speak Spanish obviously will not respond. What do you think?"

    I've already raised a question about languages on SCN. Feel free to chime in.

    Personally, I don't have time to translate the questions from other languages, so I don't even open them. This one is an exception because it's Coffee Corner.

  • Mar 02, 2017 at 01:52 PM

    Yo hablo español, y soy el que impulsa(ba) la idea de que vuelvan los espacios en español aquí en el SCN (digo, la comunidad oficial de SAP).

    Pero choqué con tantas paredes (no sé si tomarlo como pensamientos discriminadores), que ya me cansé de discutir el tema. Realmente creo que no tienen fundamentos para dejarnos sin comunidad en español, pero te dan vueltas los argumentos una y otra vez, y dicen cosas como que "no hay moderadores" (?) y cosas así, y al margen no hacen nada.

    Entonces ya directamente ni me hago mala sangre, ni molesto...

    Gracias por el tema Alan, pero como verás, van a responderte en todos los idiomas menos en español. Y van a hacer caso omiso de las ideas que publiquemos empujando la idea de que SAP realmente acepte otros idiomas, ese enlace del "non-english", es una mentira... o bien, quien lo escribió no piensa igual que los desarrolladores de este sitio web, y están incoherentemente des-alineados.

    Dicen una cosa, pero la realidad es otra.

    Me parece que no somos bienvenidos aquí. :(

    Tendré suerte si no banean este comentario (y me sancionan).

    Saludos !!

    • Mar 02, 2017 at 03:39 PM

      Hi, Osvaldo:

      Well, this puts me in a rather odd position. On one hand, I worry I offend you by responding in English -- which makes me think I shouldn't respond at all. On the other hand, you've made some statements that I'd prefer not to ignore.

      Members don't get banned/sanctioned for criticizing SAP and/or the new community -- as long as the complaints don't venture into vulgarity and personal insults. Anyone who reads the conversations here, the discussions tagged Using, or the frustrations voiced in Idea Place can see that we don't boot people who disagree strongly. In fact, I read your submission at Idea Place and noted that several of my colleagues discussed your concerns and explained the situation (i.e., why language is now an attribute and wasn't a tag for all topics). I would add that this new localization approach affected several languages, including German (and we're a German company), so this wasn't some attempt to discriminate against Spanish speakers (or anyone, for that matter).

      I fully respect that you are dissatisfied with the answers and the strategy, but nobody deleted your comments or shut down the idea. It's still marked as "Under Review" and remains open to voting and more comments. Alan is welcome to jump in there and perhaps other Spanish-speaking members will do so as well. The conversation there ended in late 2016, but if it gets rekindled, it won't be ignored. As it stands, I am making a note of your comments and I promise to report them up the chain of command. Will that change anything? I can't honestly say. But I do take every complaint, report, etc., from community members very seriously, and I do whatever I can to make sure your voices aren't silenced.

      So, no, I'm not going to remove your comment above. If anything, I encourage you to continue to speak bluntly, and I will happily continue to discuss your concerns (although I fear you'll still see me as a wall). I just hope you understand that when I respond, I can only respond in English. As much as I would love to speak to every community member in his or her native tongue, my language skills are pathetically limited. But that doesn't mean you aren't welcome here -- and I would never want to do anything that makes you feel that way.

      Best regards,


      • Mar 02, 2017 at 05:16 PM

        Thanks Jerry for your comment. I know you took the time and trouble to respond to me ...

        Perhaps... it is because I have been interacting in communities a long time ago that I know that my words in my previous comment were a bit harsh and could be taken as an object of sanction.

        Thank you again for your words.

        And I apologize if you felt touched in any way. I did not mean that all SAP employees followed these principles of leaving us without "voice" to those we speak in Spanish.

        As I always say, do not take my criticism as personal.

        They should be taken as constructive thing.

        Well that's my idea, to improve this site.

        Regards !

        ---------------------------------- Spanish version --------------------------------

        Gracias Jerry por tu comentario. Sé que te tomaste la molestia y el tiempo en responderme ...

        Quizás, es porque llevo tiempo interactuando en comunidades que sé que mis palabras en mi anterior comentario eran un poco duras y podrían ser tomadas como objeto de sanción.

        Agradezco, de nuevo, tus palabras. Y te pido disculpas si te sentiste tocado en algún sentido. No quise decir que todos los empleados de SAP seguían esos principios de dejarnos sin "voz" a quienes hablamos en Español.

        Como siempre lo digo, no se tomen mis críticas como algo personal. Deben ser tomadas como algo constructivo. Pues esa es mi idea, que mejoren el sitio.


    • Mar 02, 2017 at 05:38 PM

      Osvaldo, I agree with you that the current setup of languages that are added on top of 3000+ tags on SCN is not working out and is simply not practical. The designated language-specific spaces (as we had on SCN) are reasonable and practical solution for a global community where English is the de facto language of communication. If SCN spaces were transformed to "tags" then language-specific spaces should have also become tags. Such tags could then be assigned the moderators who speak the respective language. (We're not talking about just Spanish here but other languages as well.) This seems like a very simple and reasonable solution to me. I guess the whole 1DX is largely to blame here for not taking this route.

      Saying that someone is not welcome on SCN because of their language is simply wrong. And I believe the ungrounded accusations only distract from your otherwise valid points.

      Sorry, I cannot respond in Spanish but if anyone needs, they could use Google translate, just like I did. Personally, I think it is rude to speak a different language in presence of the people who can't understand it. For example, sometimes I invite Russian-speaking friends for a dinner and we converse in Russian. But as soon as someone who doesn't speak Russian arrives, we all switch to English. It's just good manners IMHO.

      Note that when starting a discussion in Coffee Corner language is not an option. If OP wanted only answers in Spanish and English somehow offends them then this is a wrong place to start a conversation.

      If anyone is still interested in making languages work for the SCN community (don't care about 1DX and the rest of, I believe we can do this only in civilized and respectful manner.

      Thank you.

      • Mar 02, 2017 at 06:27 PM
        Personally, I think it is rude to speak a different language in presence of the people who can't understand it. For example, sometimes I invite Russian-speaking friends for a dinner and we converse in Russian. But as soon as someone who doesn't speak Russian arrives, we all switch to English. It's just good manners IMHO.

        I think that too!

        But here, the "all" topic (title and main message) was written in spanish.

        So, I replied in spanish... that's the only reason.

        But, I love reading and writing in english (this helps me to practice my english).

        About this:

        Saying that someone is not welcome on SCN because of their language is simply wrong. And I believe the ungrounded accusations only distract from your otherwise valid points.

        I knew that, but, when SAP migrated all the SCN to... this new site. And did not communicate clearly how things would be ... the fact that there is an article published by an SAP employee, clarifying that ALLOWS us to speak in other languages, and when I want to edit my post (in Spanish), I realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to publish them since there is no tag, or option to publish in Spanish, well It feels weird (Is like an indirect -and I can not find the way to explain it in English, surely there is an idiom for this feeling-)... the message that captures those who speak in non-English languages, is contradictory to what SAP says in its message for "non-english" speakers.

        I hope you can understand to me.

        Regards (and always is a pleasure).

    • Mar 08, 2017 at 02:57 PM

      Eso veo, como que los que hablamos español no somos bienvenidos aca, somo una gran comunidad que no esta siendo escuchada. Para mi no tiene sentido que le conteste en ingles a alguien que habla español, es mas conveniente hablar en español ya que es mi lengua nativa y es facil para mi explicar.

      Pero veo que seguimos siendo apartados, vamos a tener que buscar otras fuentes en español de SAP, yo por ejemplo tengo un blog en español para ayudar a los que andan buscando información.


      • Mar 08, 2017 at 05:53 PM


        hablamos español no somos bienvenidos aca

        To the contrary... I think everyone is trying to tell you that you are more than welcome here. The idea is how many people of a particular language are contributing to the discussion. Just imagine if all the Mandarin or Hindi or Telugu speakers also expected their own discussion boards, but want all the other people also to contribute in their own language? To make a community we need to able to communicate and not bifurcate.

        Now, SAP is a German company... just imagine if they exclusively communicated in German! English is just a language that the majority of IT professionals can also communicate in beyond their native language.

        Just taking a snapshot of the people on the first two pages of questions as they stand now and my guess as to what their first language is based on their name alone (forgive me if I am wrong & and I know married names country of birth - current living situation all play a part - I am just trying to highlight the diversity here). Imagine if everyone was just asking and expecting answers in their own language.

        Abhishek Gupta - Punjabi 
        Abhishek Singh - Punjabi
        Anderson da Silva Batista - Portuguese Antonio Sanchez - Spanish
        Bhavana C - Tamil
        Bill Froelich - German
        Christian Brunner - German
        craig buchanan - English
        Daniel Gonzales - Spanish
        Denis Naletov - Russian
        Dieter Gröhn - German
        Elizabeth Stapleton - English
        G Lakshmipathi - Tamil
        Gregor Dieckmann - German
        Iria Lopez Montesinos Vazquez - Spanish
        Israel Amezcua - Spanish
        Jelena Perfiljeva - Russian
        John Leggio - English (Italian?)
        Jyothirmayee A - Telugu
        Lee-Roy Ployaert - Engligh
        Luis Darui - Portuguese
        Mark Pfister - German
        Mohammed Bakheet - Urdu
        Mustafa Bensan - ??Turkish
        Nathan Worcester - English
        Pedro Cavaco - Portuguese
        Peter Atkin - English
        PIYUSH P - Hindi Raju
        Shrestha - Kannada
        Roman Jeckelmann - German
        Sajid Amir - Bengali
        Shakeel Mirzza - Urdu
        Srikanth KV - Tamil
        sudhakar kotha - Telugu
        sudhanshu sharma - Gujarati
        Taner Tunc - Turkish Vadim Kalinin - Russian
        Zineb El Mesbahi - Arabic

        All I am saying is that try in Spanish, if you don't get an answer, try again in English however bad it may be - all these folks of different backgrounds will then attempt their own way to answer if they can.

        Usted es muy bienvenido en lo que a mí respecta.


  • Mar 14, 2017 at 02:04 PM

    Yo hablo un poquito, pero español es tercera lengua extranjera para mi...

  • Mar 16, 2017 at 10:22 PM

    Por lo visto seguire practicando Duolingo...

  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Mar 17, 2017 at 12:34 AM

    Yo hablo español. Como dicen los compañeros ahora existe google translator. Los que quieren ayudar copian y pegan para saber lo que se pregunta. Incluso pueden contestar en ingles y de igual forma la respuesta es de crecimiento para todos.

    El fin del foro es compartir experiencias, esto es independiente del idioma. El que quiere puede sin excusas de idioma.

    "Regards" jajaja


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