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[Status update] Counting Blogs, User Tags and Comments


I was planning a full on blog about some data I collected from this site, however due to the source data being unreliable I don't have a complete data set I feel I can base a full blog with charts/formatting on. So why share here and now :), you may ask, well I still think there is something in the data and maybe you are interested in the contents as well. I share my complete data set in a couple of google sheet links below.

I have a history of looking at SAP Community data such as

Stats From @SCNBlogs Twitter Feed And Mapping SCN Points

And right now I am moving some of my SQL Anywhere based RSS feed readers back from a cloud system and running locally on my laptop (for various reasons).

So I thought I would turn my attention to the RSS feed for the SAP Community blog roll since October last year (go live for the new site).

Links to the Google Sheets (**Not official data** - collected from public RSS feeds)

User Tags - Google Sheet

Main Blog Sheet with Comment Count - Google Sheet

Some Highlights - note the data quality statement at the end. The "tag" data in particular is incomplete but the "comment" count data is fine from my point of view :).

1) Top User Tag:

'cloud' -109 times

2) Which Bloggers are using the cloud tag the most

Susan Galer,10

Sven Denecken,9

3) Top Bloggers

Jerry Wang, 70 blogs

Nadia Casagrande, 59 blogs

Bernd Jungbauer, 47 blogs

4) Blogger with a consistent use of One Tag

'Nadia Casagrande' with Tag 'partner enablement',50

5) Blogger with the most tags on One Blog

Vincent Dechandon',74,'Boosting self-service geoanalytics'

6) Most Comments on a blog

212 comments on Roger Oliveira's "U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Reporting 2016"

7) Bloggers With the most Comments

212,'Roger Oliveira'

198,'Jamie Cantrell'

184,'Julie Plummer'

8) Total Blogs from Oct 9th 2016 to 25th Feb 2017

3719 blogs in my data set

9) Total blogs with NO comments

2305 blogs with no comments in my data set

**Data Quality Issues**

Main reason that the data set is not complete is that the SAP provided RSS feeds are inconsistent. They do not contain the "primary" or "secondary" tags, the main item listed is "Uncategorized" which I assume is the place for primary/secondary tags - but no tags appear. Also a number of blogs with user tags do not appear in the RSS feeds either, there is no way for me to actually analyse why this should be the case.

The actual "Comment" data however appears consistent and I can't find any fault with this data in the RSS feeds.

Let me know if you use the data in any way.



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  • Feb 27, 2017 at 02:31 AM

    it would be nice to see how many views those blogs did get.

    some average figures...

    (I am asking myself - do Community visitors/users read blogs ?)

    i wonder what is the average session duration for those blogs viewing ?


  • Feb 27, 2017 at 05:20 PM

    Love me some SCN data. :)

    I have not done any research on this but my personal feeling is that the number of blog comments dwindled on SCN.

    Some interesting statistics could also include:
    - SAP employee blog percentage;
    - any other feedback (likes, views, like-per-view ratio);
    - blog size (there are still some 2-paragraph blogs like "check out this video we posted").

  • Mar 03, 2017 at 11:12 AM

    Intersting statistics, I like that kind of stuff, keep it comming!

    (I would have liked to see some statistics provided by SAP, but the trend seems to be "user engagement".)



  • Mar 04, 2017 at 10:06 AM


    Working on my SQL overall blog today that resulted in collecting these stats. As there are few comments about different stats, I went and refreshed the data set to check on blog size as per Jelana's comment. I had the blog content. And actually it may be better for SAP to restrict the RSS feeds to prevent the entire blog being downloaded automatically ( you can always screen scrape!! but seems RSS feeds could be restricted via wordpress options).

    Top blog length - by character count (character count which does include meta data i.e. the RSS feed technical data) not an overall indicator of quality (as I am second on this list ;)) My SQL Anywhere query generates the following results. (I seriously struggle with the editor and formatting on this new platform - so best efforts to show the data below).

    Not my area at all but Peter's blog at the top of the list contains an impressive amount of detail!

    122128	'Peter Barker'	''	'Code Vulnerability Analyzer Checks'
    84394	'Robert Russell'	''	'Further Adventures with SQL Anywhere Developer Edition: Using UI5, oData, XS, HCP, Node.js and the YAAS Earth Observation service'
    71502	'Frank Wagner'	''	'SAP S/4HANA 1610 – Business Functions'
    71062	'Prakash Upadhyay'	''	'Test Automation of your Web Application using Modern Frameworks/Tools'
    65841	'Naramani Siddu'	''	'Step-by-Step procedure for creation, execution and storing of ABAP Managed Database Procedures in HANA'

    So obvious to check out the least, (omg weird editor!! I have no idea how this is going to actually display when I submit...)

    380	'Maren Heilig'	''	'Test blog'
    673	'Bejoy Jacob K'	''	'How to use specific Query List in Page Layouts'
    681	'Moon Wang'	''	'UI5 news'
    705	'Ajay Gopal'	''	'Custom UI modelling for Custom data model'
    711	'AMIT Lal'	''	'Classical migration approach V/s DMO'

    I ignored Maren's test blog and check Bejoy's and Moon's blogs. Bejoy does contain a line to introduce a video and Moon's blog seems to indicate it will be updated with UI5 news over time.

    So average length of the blog data (in my collection :))

    avg(length(blogsscn.description)) 6563.928535

    As I tend to use long titles for any of my blogs I was interested in this detail

    avg(length(blogsscn.title)) 58.120823

    58 characters in the average title to blogs.

    Who has the longest title.....

    182,'Jerome Monteu Nana','First SAP CodeJam in central Africa at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the University of Douala-Cameroon: Focus on SAPUI5, OpenUI5, SAP Gateway and SAP Web IDE'

    Who managed the least amount of characters (I thought I already knew who it was or near the top :))

    8,'Moon Wang','UI5 news'

    As stated before the data is as best as I can do and nothing official (and as per Joachim's comment would be better to have stats from SAP themselves). As "SP RO" states, I think the interesting metric would be time on a page.

    Here is the view of the top blog by content (an HTML display in SQL Anywhere of Peter's Code blog). These checks on various blogs in my data set indicate I have all the blog content! to base the stats above on.

    htmlprev.png (57.0 kB)
    • Mar 04, 2017 at 12:13 PM

      I am quite happy that SAP does not restrict downloading the complete blog via RSS and I would prefer that this does not change. The reason? I can read the whole blog from Bamboo without doing anything special and it looks much better there than reading it from the original site.

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