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[Status update] No account, no Coffee Corner for you?

I forgot my password and couldn't login to SCN today from my mobile, but that didn't stop me from trying to read up. I say "trying", because everytime I went to the CC, I was asked to login. Q&A was reachable as anonymus, but it seems our conversations in the CC are secured really well.

Did anybody notice this before? It was news to me and I don't remember this from the old SCN.

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Feb 23, 2017 at 08:11 PM

Interesting. And given the nature of conversations here, I'm not sure this is a bad thing.

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"Status update" could be shortened to "S'up", but then it could be confused with Whats'Up.

I did notice it before. Another strange thing is that the title of coffee corner is "All Articles - SAP Answers". So I can't just type coffee in browser address bar to reach CC. I have to type kbentry (which is in URL) to reach it quickly. All this is because I am trying to do it without saving bookmark.

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AFAIK, that has been that way since many weeks...

I usually start a SCN session with a CTP to look for new postings (which are rare in my case), and only when I switch to CC, SCN asks for my passport...

Coffee is limited here, apparently:)

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I don't think coffee is limited here. It is just that you need to bring your own coffee mug.

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Same....and for a few weeks do I know? Because I was looking up an old post for info on my client's laptop. Not only could I NOT view anything on SCN without it popping up that "new account" mess...but it also had most all the input fields locked down so I could not even change the email to the one linked to my actual account nor was there any "already a member? login here!" kind of link. In the end, I used Google's "show cached version" option. Real pain in the.....Larry Ellison.

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I wasn't aware of this. I can't imagine why "Coffee Corner" would be inaccessible to anonymous visitors. Let me look into this.


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Login on SCN seems to behave inconsistently in general, already reported here, no answer so far.

P.S. Motion to rename "Coffee Corner" as "Vodka Corner" - these days I feel one needs something stronger...

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I'm getting ready to report this issue, and I overlooked your other post, Jelena. I'll report that one as well.

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Well, contrast to Blogs and Questions which is meant to give knowledge and awareness to general public, but looking at how critical the opinion on this Coffee Corner, IMO it should be safer to not open it for everyone consumption.

Though I don't know if this is the intended behavior or just an accident.

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I'd say intended behavior. Although it is named Coffee Corner, the URL says kbentry. I am guessing that means knowledge base entry. And knowledge base is supposed to be better source of info than questions/answers.

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This section is now open to everyone. Coffee for all!

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