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OSS Message/Incident World Record

Good Afternoon All,

regular readers will remember a few years ago I published a blog about getting the most from OSS Messages and in the blog gave away a few gems including, open OSS Messages for Yes or No questions as Medium Priority because they get picked up quicker.

Today I put a typical Yes or No question to SAP through an OSS Incident, following the golden rule and submitting it as a Medium Priority and you'll never guess what...

I put the message at 09:26 and at 10:56 it was returned answered !

That must be a SAP Support Portal OSS Message world record !

What's the shorted time you've had an OSS Message answered ?

All the best,


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Feb 23, 2017 at 12:26 PM

I've never seen "short time" and "OSS message answered" in one sentence before...

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Very smooth blog plug, Andy. ;) (Well, I can like it again now, yay.)

For me shortest was also matter of hours but, sadly, it was "provide steps to recreate", which have already been provided. As far as actual resolution on Medium - if it's days then I consider myself lucky. Although to be fair - I don't bother SAP with just yes/no questions, usually I dig up more complex stuff. :)

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ooooh you got there :-)


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in support we like "more complex stuff" more than yes/no questions. Yes/No is for SCN/ :)

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the fastest way to get Yes/No answer from Product Support is not to create Incident - it is to use Expert Chat.

Seriously, you get actual support engineer or even senior support engineer and it is perfect for the Yes/No stuff, plus as a bonus SAP will create Incident as well. So, you'll have a follow up vehicle if needed.

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One time I tried to use chat no one answered. I've heard it's easier to get support's attention on Twitter.

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in my component we answer in less than 2 minutes.
Can't vouch for all components, but that is the goal (or its under a minute... not sure)
so, try again - its a new thing, there are kinks, but we're trying. truly.

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It occurs to me that much of the advice you gave in that blog about getting good support from Customer Incidents applies almost equally well to getting good support on SCN in the Q&A forums:

  1. Priority: Don't scream "urgent!!!!"
  2. Component: Choose the right tag.
  3. Details: Actually give some, don't just say "I got an error, please help."
  4. Support: Stay engaged and respond when people ask for clarifying details.
  5. Be polite: And don't forget to mark the correct answer when it's all over.

If only people would follow these five simple rules... and I suppose the analog for #6 when you need to escalate is, create a Customer Incident.

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The quickest response I got was probably an hour or less .....and was no real answer at all.

Q: We are moving to HR Renewal 2.0 and want to know when Employee Profile (UI5) will support multi-personnel assignments like the previous Personnel Profile (WDA)? Can you give us any indication of when this will be ported over?

A: This is not supported for the UI5 application and we have no plans at this time to ever add that functionality.


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