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Are you sketching, drawing, doodling - try it out!

Yesterday I received a “Random Day Surprise” (see Missions and Badges) – as I participated in SAP Community on World Art Day.

That made me write a very personal blog post about my art journey - A story about a talent that was lost for OVER 20 years, and how I re-discovered it in January.

Drawing, Sketching, Illustrating, Doodling.

Link to my blog post: My (re-)discovered Talent – the artist inside

I wonder if you have this talent? Are you using sketchnotes for presentation? Are you drawing in a journal? In your job? In your spare time? Did you do this maybe when you were a kid, and now as adult not anymore? Why?

Let me know your thoughts, post your art (from today or from you as kid), share your ideas and opinion.

(....and as bonus here 2 of my latest pieces - a sketchnote recipe and a meditative drawing... you can see more in my blog post)

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  • Apr 17 at 12:16 AM

    Katarina, I saw your blog post and loved it! I ended up spending much of the afternoon looking at books and websites on the topic of sketchnotes. Your posts on this are very timely!

    Starting next week on OpenSAP, there's a class called "Be Visual! Sketching Basics for IT Business" that I'm taking, which I think will match up with this very well. Also, I'm currently doing a rotation in my employer's "iNNovation" program, where one of the things that they're stressing is using visual tools to express thoughts.

    It will be interesting to see where this takes me!


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