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author's profile photo Florian Urigüen

How do you draw your architecture schemes and concepts?

The past months my job mainly consited of creating concepts and acrchitecture schemes. My good colleague Alexander Urban intruduced me to and I really like the easy handling of it. Given the sheer amount of tools and ways to craft these schemes, I am curious in your experience:

Which tools do you use? Do you know which tools SAP uses to create their schemes? Are there any templates/icons/guidelines?

And whats your experience?

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  • Apr 06 at 09:13 AM

    There's tons of tools out there. I tend to use Draw.IO for some quick schemes (freehand stuff, UML) that should not be linked / incorporated in other Diagrams or Processes ...

    At my company we are moving towards Sparx Enterprise Architect software, which is a big commercial offering, capabable of a lot of interaction between Schemes / Templates / Models, handling all kinds of formats like BPMN / Archimate / UML / ...

    As the Development Cycle with SAP also encompasses the use of Eclipse, there are extensions related to Modeling and Visualising on the Eclipse Marketplace ...

    I don't know what is in use at SAP in-house, though ...

    Hope this helps.

    Nic T.

    • Apr 12 at 05:51 AM

      Hi Nic,

      thanks for your suggestion. Maybe I'll give this one a try.

      I like the idea of having a plugin in Eclipse, do you have a particular plugin in mind? I see that there are many different UML Plugins available.

      Best regards,


      • Apr 12 at 11:17 PM

        Hello Florian

        1. Perhaps I would suggest you look into using PlantUML ...

        It's an opensource Project that is intended to generate UML-diagrams via particular Syntax, allowing you to "write your UML" via a specific language / statements. And there' s an Eclipse Plugin available, see this link ...

        Now, it should make sence that we 'architect' our Application / Infrastructure / ... through UML first and then start Implementing according to the agreed Diagrams (being your PlantUML-Diagram).

        However, for documentation purposes, you might want to generate (Plant)UML-like Output for existing Applications such as ABAP-Objects after the facts (so you're working the other way around basically) ... Some SAP-Community members have been dabbling into "ABAP-to-PlantUML", see the following links : here and here ...

        I must point out that I've never actually used the PlantUML language and the SAP-related efforts around it. However, it could make sence to have a Markdown-like approach to "coding your UML-diagram", either starting from scratch OR generating them out of existing Z-ABAPcode ... it is an interesting concept, nontheless.

        2. Alternatively, I believe the UMLet is a pretty popular, compact UML-tool. It has both a standalone version and an Eclipse Plugin ...

        Hope this helps

        Nic T.

  • 6 days ago

    My colleagues use PlantUML.

    I'm oldschool, though. I use Visio. ^^

  • My go-to tool is Visio but I would recommend Archi too.

  • 5 hours ago

    For some rough sketching I still like to use pen and paper.
    If I need to create something more detailed, it is Visio for me.

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