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[Status update] Looks like the broken links to docs issue is getting noticed more and more...

I don't envy the SCN Team...


On another note: Submitting an answer without copying it first is a big no-no at the moment. Just got the "MEEP! You tried to hack us, yadda yadda!" error again just now.

PS: Oh the irony... same for "discussions". -.-

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Feb 16, 2017 at 02:38 PM

Yes, this must be a very depressing project...

I got so used to copying the data to the clipboard before submitting, that I started doing that for regular applications.

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Looks like I have to go back to boycotting answers again. :( I refuse to condition myself to copy-paste every response. It doesn't get farther from "world class" solution than this.

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Oh, i stayed away from the New SCN for a week (maybe more) and the things are going worst and worst...

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Ah, so we know now who's to blame:)

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Me, as usual! :D

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