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Work @ SAP

Hello All,

I'm from Pakistan where SAP does not has its office and I'm applying for many jobs suitable for me (i think) at SAP Headquarters (only) with writing in my Cover Letter that "I can not only make SAP Learning Hub Portal's content more secure (so it can't be downloaded by any user anywhere) but the ideas I've, will add a good amount of revenue in annual revenue of SAP".

But received no Phone Call or Email so far.

I'm not in mode to give up my this passion and write everything in public forums but the SAP, would like to add such amount of revenue on cost of 1 employee's salary or not?

Is anyone here from SAP Headquarters and senior management team?

Someone, please connect me.

Best Regards

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  • Sep 08, 2020 at 03:41 PM

    Hi Faheem,

    Being contacted depends on when you have submitted your applications. You might need to wait a little bit longer. As you were applying for job positions, there are oftentimes contact details added. You might want to start from there or contact SAP via email or phone call.

    Since you would like to talk about your personal information, such as contact details, your cover letter or your applications, I recommend that it's the safest way if you contact SAP via the link I shared.

    Best regards


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