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​What Marie Kondo has to do with our SAP Community Coffee Corner Meet-up

I have the impression that we have every year a new viral trend making our life better, streamlined, lighter, healthier, easier to manager, or better organized.

This year with the circumstances in these challenging times I, like everyone else was looking for “hobbies” in and around our own home.

And here we go – Marie Kondo and her tips and tricks for cleaning up came at the right time, and we all got the feeling that we need to tidy up our stuff.

  • “Kondo’s method of organizing is known as the “KonMari” method, and consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy”, and choosing a place for everything from then on. Kondo advises to start the process of tidying up by “quickly and completely” discarding whatever it is in the house that doesn’t spark joy. She advises to do this by category of items and not their location in the house.”[Source]

I hate cleaning up (indeed I am messy) but I felt some real social pressure when I saw so many of my friends in social media posting their before/after pictures. Ok, let’s do that. But first, let’s have a drink and watch the Marie Kondo Netflix Series and read articles on how to use the KonMari Method!

Well prepared with all the theoretical knowledge in my head (and I joined at least 10 Facebook groups on that topic), I opened my closet. What I found, was a 20-year collection of “SAP THINGS”! But not only in my closet, my office was also full of branded clutter: Webcam cover, USB ports, pens, USB charger, luggage tags, cups, caps… SAP Things Everywhere (even in my car I found an ice scraper).

  • Marie said I should clean up using 5 categories: 1. Clothing 2. Books 3. Papers 4. Miscellaneous 5. Sentimental Items.

Ok, thank you Marie, all that stuff belongs to all these categories! So it looks like I found a new category: “SWAG”.

  • Marie Kondo said, I should only keep items that are needed and spark joy. The rest should be trashed.

Seriously? How could I throw away any of these items? Some are useful, others not, some I use very often, some were buried under other stuff - but they all have something in common: a story! Looking at or touching them recalls all these great memories I collected with the SAP Community at SAP TechEd, SAPPHIRE, SAP Inside Tracks and so on. Pictures and people came to mind:
My first SDN t-shirt from the SAP TechEd where I had my first contact with Craig Cmehil, dancing and headbanging at the concert with Gregor Wolf and co, my first SAP Mentor Jam Band shirt jamming with the Mentors, my first real SAP Mentor t-shirt that I received from Jason Cao, my first SAP Community shirt, and so on. So much spark!! (yes, even the USB port sparkles)

The end of the story was, that I folded these old shirts, put them back into my closet (even though I know I would never fit in them again), restored these items to where they were before, and decided to keep them there for the next 20 years. Sorry, Marie!

And now it is up to you! You have more than one week to clean out your closet and your office and find these little treasures! Can you tell us the stories behind them?

We would like to hear all about it next week in our first SAP Community Coffee Corner Meet-Up on Friday, June 26, at 4:00 p.m. CET. Make sure to show your SAP fan articles in the camera. You can register right here !

Looking forward to it!

Photocredits: Bijay Kumar Barik Gregor Wolf Moshe Naveh Mynyna Chau Marie Kondo, SAP Community and myself. Shirt design (bottom row) Denise Nepraunig

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  • Jun 19, 2020 at 04:43 PM

    What is your "oldest" SAP Community Goodie/Gadget? If you are not able to join the call next week - please post a pic here!

    • Jun 21, 2020 at 08:02 AM

      This is unrelated to Marie Kondo, but my my oldest goodie is not from SAP, but from Hybris, before SAP bought them. I just plugged it in, and it still has the training materials for Hybris 5.0.1.

      On the other hand, I'd love some official official SAP merchandise. 4 SAP Commerce certifications later, all I have are digital badges (plus the experience). ��

  • Jul 01, 2020 at 11:10 AM

    The SAP Community Fan shop is now live and ready for you to order cool SAP Community SWAG.

    Apart from that, I wanted to summarize the coffee-corner meet-up. It was great, engaging and fun! Community Members showed stuff from 2003 when the first "SDN Day" in Walldorf took place.
    The "Oldest" SAP Material was a printed Newsletter from 1998 :-)

    There was useful stuff like these stress balls etc., but also really strange stuff. Do you know what a "Poken touch" is? And can you imagine, they gave out (swiss army) knifes at events.

    Best and most favourite stuff:

    - Coffee Cups

    - Webcam Hider

    - Bottle opener

    - Screen cleaner

    - Stickers and Badges

    - Socks

    - Phone Pop (these things you put on the back of your mobile to hold it)

    Thanks to those who participated!

    See you next time in the Coffee-Corner Meet-up, when I will again host a breakout room. Cheers, Kati

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