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author's profile photo Douglas Cezar Küchler

Announcing the new SAP Community Nonfiction Book Club

Inspired by my SAP Community colleague Jerry Janda, and with the support from the SAP Champions program leadership, I'm happy to announce a new series for those interested in nonfiction books.

This is how it will work:

1 - The topic of the month and the selected book(s) will be announced in the first week of the month.

2 - We can use this space to discuss the ideas we are getting by reading the book(s) during the month.

3 - We will vote to find the best possible date for a virtual meeting in the last week of the month. In this meeting, we will have a conversation where we can share and learn from others anything related to the book or the topic surrounding it.

We will start aiming to have monthly editions and see how it goes.

At this moment when lots of people are choosing to be in a "continuous learning" mode, we want to create an opportunity to go deeper into topics that can make a huge difference to our professional and personal lives. Books offer an unparalleled way to do it by going deep into any topic and here we have a chance to do it socially.

Given the current global situation, the topic of this month will be "Remote Work". Follow this post and soon the book will be announced. We will also have a link for you to vote on your preferred date by the end of June for our Nonfiction Book Club video call.

Take care and keep learning!


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  • Jun 06 at 11:33 PM

    Hi Douglas,

    the biggest change for me as far as remote work is concerned is to switch to audio format from reading most texts, esp those that used to be published on paper for hundreds of years. so, write on line like here or listen to it through a podcast. i don't think i will ever be able to go back to pouring over any longer texts, fiction or not fiction, alike. if this is not remote work related feel free to simply delete this entry and i won't feel offended at all.



    • Jun 09 at 04:53 PM

      Hi Gregory,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am not sure I got the idea you wanted to share. But I guess you are talking about you not being at ease with longer texts anymore, is that right?

      If so, I can share my experience on why only long texts such as books can bring us some kinds of experience. I have been highly involved with technology since I was a teenager, having using it even in secondary school. I think of myself as someone who is always consuming all kinds of online short-form content such as the types you described.

      But I also keep reading lots of books... When time allows I keep reading one, two, or even more books in a month. Why? It is because some kinds of knowledge absolutely require us to go really deep to have a meaningful and useful grasp of it. While it is possible to do it somehow with shorter content, it is much harder because you have the additional work of finding and curating this content in such a way to give you enough insight.

      With books, at least with the good, well thought, and well-researched ones, you can go from an absolute newbie to well-acquainted with any topic. It is less true when it comes to learning new technologies but is much truer when it comes to learning new concepts such as emotional intelligence or how to work remotely.

      Also, I am a power user of digital books. Since 2010 almost all the hundreds of books I've read are in digital form. The reason for it is convenience. With the Kindle and Audible apps on my smartphone and tablet, I can read and listen to books almost everywhere at any time: while exercising, when having lunch alone, any small break I have during the day, and even in the pool. I mean, I have hundreds of amazing books in my pocket all the time, so it is impossible to not have time to read them. For sure there are people who "miss the feeling" of paper books and it is an extremely valid point, but what I'm discussing here is the convenience of having full-time access to all the information I want and need.

      I hope it makes sense and I hope you take the opportunity to join us in the upcoming session for discussing a book on how to best work remotely:

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