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author's profile photo Ramky Prabhakar

S/4Hana v/s Central Finance

Historically in ECC world, there was tons of data duplication, index tables,totals tables…etc. which was root cause of complex job runs, strain on resources, reconciliation issues between tables, time to close books on time….few of the pain points.

Strategically SAP decided to move towards using in-memory technology which helped in faster calculation on the fly negating totals tables, single source of truth, fiori, reporting…etc..etc…we had S/4H was born

In CFIN, why SAP is treading the same old path of duplication of data? unable to comprehend the logic….single source of truth is being diluted. For those customers who are fixated with old solutions, SAP should help them in migration, that helping hand will be less effort than fixing all pain points maintaining ECC and duplicating all those in S/4 features in CFIN … are going to bring reconciliation jobs back into business which was your USP in selling S/4H solution.In future maintaining/supporting CFIN would pose bigger challenge than selling S/4H core solutions.

Are we doing right thing? Welcome critical feedback.

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  • Apr 30, 2020 at 12:34 PM


    i don't have an answer but S/4H does feel quite unwieldy and resembling of R/3. i have recently become a big fan of H4S (not an official brand), which is more database and cloud centric. it is not perfect and quite removed from the monthend processing but it gives an opportunity to 'dig the tunnel' from the other end, currently known as the Basis.

    whichever approach is preferred architecture for enterprises to go forward is anyone's guess, but retooling for linux and javascript driven world is on the horizon.

    looking to others for chiming in.



  • May 24, 2020 at 05:16 PM

    Good Points.

    But cFin replicating the ecc legacy data and non-sap into S/4 data model. That is the critical in the design. Cfin giving temporary solution for 2-3 years till the completion of legacy erp migrations. Replication is very known concept in Hana world since 2011 (SLT). SAP acquired Sybase for that reason.

    Thank you.

    • May 25, 2020 at 05:25 AM

      Thanks for your views.

      If there is concerted effort to enhance CFIN, then there is no business reason to move from legacy ECC system.

      Business will get used to old world of doing things. Saying goes - Old habits....

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