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SAP Stammtisch goes virtual

In these times, where no physical events can take place, and the majority of us is home in isolation, we are all keen on getting information online. But what about the social distances, which could grow from day to day all alone at home? They can be huge... therefore, I am more than happy that some our our active SAP Community members keep on going with organizing their SAP Stammtisch - but virtual! :-)
A huge thank you to Jakob Flamann, Tobias Hofmann, Gregor Wolf, Domi Bigl and Martin Fischer, who are the first organizer of a virtual SAP Stammtisch. I personally joined the SAP Stammtisch Bern, organized by Jakob, and it was great to see people around the world talking about SAP topics and also what bothers you these times. Congrats, Jakob, on your first virtual SAP Stammtisch.

But what is an SAP Stammtisch? It's an informal coming together and can be translated as "regulars table". The idea is bringing local community members together regularly, in order to exchange about topics of interest. It's also a great chance to get to know new community members.

I would love to hear more about the current virtual SAP Stammtisch, which took already place:

How was your "first" one?

Which platform did you use?

How did you announce it?

How did it work with more than 10 attendees?

These are only the first questions, which came spontaneously into my mind but of course I am happy to get to know everything you want to share about your first SAP Stammtisch. ;-)

It's so easy to get in contact with like minded people, everyone can organize it. Just make sure, you add your new SAP Stammtisch to the wiki, so everyone is aware of the events scheduled. You can also share it via twitter and please use at least #SAPStammtisch for it. Or you just want to add your comment here? No problem - or you can even start your own thread! :-)

I am looking forward to your comments/updates/ideas!

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  • Apr 02, 2020 at 01:58 PM

    Being a "glass-half-full" person I think that one advantage of a virtual "Stammtisch" is that folks from bigger or across areas can (and potentially will) meet than if it happens on the ground where then only people from the close(r) area will show up. So, chances of "Stammtisch cross-overs" abound in a virtual environment. The same holds true for presentations. A friend was scheduled to lead a workshop at a university in Utah which of course got cancelled. So, instead, they organized it as a webinar which allowed far more people to attend globally. Something between 200 and 300 people joined the webinar whereas it would perhaps have been ~20 in the workshop. So, definitely a case of making lemonade from lemons!



    • Apr 06, 2020 at 07:44 AM

      Hi Bärbel, thanks for sharing this and I agree, this is definitely an advantage of virtual meetings. I mean I guess I would never have the chance to join an SAP Stammtisch in Bern in person so it was great seeing local people there and also from other parts of the world. In these time, virtual meetings bring people together :-)

  • Apr 03, 2020 at 07:21 PM

    Right after our first virtual #SAPStammtischTurkiye, I'd like to answer your questions.

    How was your "first" one?
    -> To be honest, I had low expectations about the participant number. Somehow it went well, and we accomplished with seven people. On the other hand, as a host of the event, I had many doubts about the agenda. We are all having seriously strange times, so finding a topic was the challenging part. Luckily #SAPStammtischTurkiye attendees were great, and we had no trouble on agenda setting :)

    -Which platform did you use?
    ->I preferred Zoom. Participants had many doubts about its security issues so we will consider other options for the upcoming Stammtisch.

    >How did you announce it?
    ->Over twitter and local Turkish Slack channel.

    The main takeaway for me is that we need to continue to communicate even under difficult circumstances. This event also proved to us "over internet social communication and even Stammtisch is possible," and this virtual meeting may bring other technical virtual meetings or training.
    We will work on it :)

    • Apr 06, 2020 at 07:49 AM

      Nice, Nil, Thanks for answering my questions. I would love to join several SAP Stammtisch but I realized also the virtual ones are often at short notice. Maybe this would be worth considering for the next one some more days before it takes place. But of course, yes, some of the virtual ones will be with a more regional focus, others will be more "globally". But I think it's a great chance to connect and we should be relaxed about the number of participants. It's not about the number but about the topics and as far as I can read, you have achieved that so congrats!

  • Apr 06, 2020 at 09:42 AM

    Hello Svea,

    I love this new form of communication. I can sit at home, drink my favorite beer and get in contact with business friends and also make new contacts. The best thing is that there are no "limits" anymore. You can attend the Stammtisch in Bern, then in Munich, then Vienna, ... How cool is that?

    How was your "first" one? Great, because it was the one in Munich. With Damir, Gregor, ... - Damir has also prepared a lecture about working at home.

    Which platform did you use? We use ZOOM. But first rule: Create a PW and don't put the link to Twitter! Zoombombing!

    How did you announce it? wiki/sap events, XING & Twitter

    How did it work with more than 10 attendees? I think we were 10 in Vienna, but of course discipline is important when speaking and listening. For newbies: Maybe listen a little more in the beginning, then you'll see what I mean.

    I hope we will see you at the next "Stammtisch" in Vienna!

    lg Föß

    • Apr 06, 2020 at 09:53 AM

      I can really "feel" your enthusiasm. :-)

      I completely agree with you and thanks for answering my questions! A great idea by the way to provide also a short lecture. In regards to the SAP Stammtisch Munich (see #SAPStammtischMUC) I would be interested how it was with so many attendees... can you share your impression? Thank you.

  • Feb 11 at 10:55 PM

    After 6 virtual Stammtisch I will try to answer :)

    How was your "first" one? Nervous, I have never been to this type of event. But it was very Funny!

    Which platform did you use? Discord, because after the event we use text channels to communicate.

    How did you announce it? on the SAP Inside track Barcelona twitter account + personal LinkedIn accounts

    How did it work with more than 10 attendees? Good, but we needed to change the format a bit since in the last one we were 18. Now we start the event with some news and some short talks (10 minutes)

    • 2 days ago

      Thanks for sharing. I think it's a great idea to use discord for your SAP Stammtisch Barcelona. I just had a call with the Belgium community this morning and they think about it, too. Maybe you can connect with Wouter Lemaire on this, Enric Castella Gonzalez . Knowledge transfer is one main part in SAP Community and especially when it comes to virtual evens, we all are keen to learn. And btw I finally managed to join your discord server :-)
      Happy to be part of it.

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