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Working out of hours

With the possibility of usual projects, plus any S/4 or cloud migrations (or even all at the same time), I will guess you know of or have worked on projects involving out of hours work. My own experience of the last couple of years has meant an increase of many lost weekends due to moves to the cloud (thanks cloud :)). Always my choice to do this and as my work is in the Basis area then I have got used to this type of work commitments. From my previous collections/analysis of this site’s questions I noticed a drop off in questions at weekends but still a constant flow of questions indicating people have questions 7 days a week. And my recent interest in reviewing the process of collecting this site's questions, I updated my search from 2003 (who knew this site started in 2003 :)).

Previously I stated 10am from 10th Oct 2016 to April 2017 was the hour of the guru to cover the peak of questions on this site, see the link. However, from 2003 till last weekend then I will update it to,

So calling all gurus , we need you standing by your keyboards most on Wednesdays at 9am. And everyone, take the weekend off.

(and I need to follow that weekend advice ;)

Total questions by day 2003 - 2020 - UTC timezone

I also filtered to 1st Jan for every year 2003-2020, as there is a drop in site activity around new year and I see some people working on what maybe a holiday in their location. Amber, Ashok, and Ramin have the commitment to ask questions on the first day of the year (others have more questions but my choice for these 3 has they asked questions in more than one year).

(technically AUTHOR_ID in the screenshot was available in my last analysis, but I guess maybe due to GDPR or older datasets this unique identifier to individual users is no longer populated)

I was interested to see the flow/sum of questions over the years and added some reference points to this site's platform changes in the following charts. Seems only questions with a “closed” status can exist on this current platform. First chart is total questions 2003 - 2020, and second breaks down “answered” and “closed” questions.

**I double checked the questions I had collected and had a total of 2,545,998 questions in my HANA Cloud system, this site was showing a total number of questions (on the day I collected) of 2,546,011 - maybe a few undetected errors in my collection but I did a few random sample checks and they were fine.**

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