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Weekend [Whatever] Club

Howdy, Coffee Corner. Long time, no talk.

I was feeling nostalgic today, and I stumbled across this thread from 2017 (my, how time flies): The Community Book Club. I was going to add some new reads to it, but rather than resurrect an older thread, I got to thinking...

What if we put together a book club where we could meet regularly to discuss something we all agree to read? We'd pick a book and a date (one a month to start...on either a Saturday or Sunday -- hence the "Weekend"), and I could set up a call (using the same system as our SAP Community calls) where members could dial in to discuss.


If members ain't in a reading mood, we could pick a film and talk about that instead.


We could get a gaming group together -- tabletop, RPG, anything really. (There are plenty of services and platforms to make that happen. Or maybe we need a Community guild somewhere? :) )

As I see it, there are a lot of options, and whether talking about a book, chatting about a film, or rolling some dice, I'm pretty flexible.

If any of those ideas interest you, please let me know in the comments. Or if you have your own interests, we could build a group around just about any hobby...and I could still help set up a call for a weekend gathering of your choosing.

Hence the "[Whatever]" :)

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  • Jan 31, 2020 at 05:00 PM

    As it happens, "Whatever" is the name of well-known science fiction author's website.

    No, not mine. I mean John Scalzi!

    This is a great idea! But I admit to feeling nervous about another time commitment. I've already got a "to-read" pile of books on the side table beside the couch that grows faster than I can get through them. :( Not that I mind having piles of books around the place -- I kind of like the look -- but my wife does give me the side-eye whenever I come home from the bookstore and pile three or four more volumes onto it.

    As for films... hmm, that just might work! I just recently added Netflix streaming at home, so...

    I do like the gaming idea, too, but again... time. :(

    Still, I'm curious to see how others respond to this, and who knows? It could be a lot of fun!

    • Jan 31, 2020 at 05:29 PM

      Totally understand the reluctance due to time commitment, Matt, but that's why I thought we could start with once a month. I think that could give us all enough time to read the book...and then you'd only need to spend an hour or two month discussing. (Also, maybe we could start with one of the books from your pile. Anything to spare you the side-eye. :-D )

      Film, on the other hand, might be terms of time commitment. Much quicker to watch a movie.

      As you said -- let's see how others respond!


  • Jan 31, 2020 at 05:22 PM

    Great Idea!! I will join if it is about Movies or Gaming :D :D ,It's been sometime since I touched my ps4pro though. Even Anime is also fine :) :) but I believe there will be very few folks who are interested in anime :(

    • Jan 31, 2020 at 05:36 PM

      Who knows...maybe we have some anime fans around here who just never had an opportunity to bring up the topic. (While I wouldn't consider myself an anime fan, I have plenty of anime in my film collection...and there are several anime series I've enjoyed streaming. So if there are enough people to get an anime-viewing club going here, you can count me in! :) )

      P.S. Fun fact: I have a tattoo of Jin from "Samurai Champloo" on my right arm. It's this image, in fact. (I suppose I fancied myself a spectacled samurai for a time. :) )

      jin.jpg (9.4 kB)
      • Feb 02, 2020 at 05:45 AM

        Wow, u sure have the anime spirit in you :D :P I liked that series but I loved Rurouni Kenshin series more that champaloo though. ( BTW Champaloo is closer to reality than Kenshin series, I loved it as it has supernatual, super power elements in it :D :D )

  • Feb 01, 2020 at 04:26 PM

    Books, films - those all sound great to me! I'm not a gamer, so I'd pass on that (unless you count Solitaire on my phone).


  • Feb 01, 2020 at 05:50 PM


    if for a movie we can even try to pick a 'relevant one' like:

    1. "Artificial Intelligence" - it started interesting but went downhill after the new director took over or

    2. "Ex Machina" - there's hope since we won't be replaced by (ro)bots any time soon.

    or did i get it all wrong?

    • Feb 03, 2020 at 04:18 PM

      Is it cheating to suggest starting with films you've already seen and know well? ;)

      • Feb 03, 2020 at 04:21 PM

        Ah, the "Weekend Nostalgia Club"...:)

        On films everybody has already seen and is happy to be able to remember.

      • Feb 03, 2020 at 05:02 PM

        What did you have in mind?

        • Feb 03, 2020 at 09:22 PM

          I think it was Gregory (who doesn't seem to be @-mentionable?) who was suggesting it. I figured it was a way of cheating by starting with films already seen!

    • Feb 03, 2020 at 04:57 PM

      I'd be happy to set up a conversation to talk about "Ex Machina"! Anybody else interested?

      • Feb 03, 2020 at 09:20 PM

        Actually, yes, although it's been since it was in theaters when I saw that film. I quite enjoyed it!

  • Feb 01, 2020 at 07:55 PM

    Hi Jerry,

    Verrry cool idea, but I think the phone calls could be a problem. I know the Guardian [UK newspaper] run a book club where they choose a book (by polling I think), then people comment on it below the line. I would find that easier to manage, timewise.
    Anyway, love books, so very intrigued now.

    • Feb 03, 2020 at 04:59 PM

      Perhaps we could do a combination of things...we pick a book, start a separate Coffee Corner thread for people to discuss, but also host a call for members who prefer a live conversation. That way we can accommodate more participants.

      As far as polling goes, I could always use Twitter to give members the chance to vote for books. I'm open to suggestions to get us started!

  • Feb 03, 2020 at 08:37 PM

    All of the above sound wonderful! I would prefer fiction over non-fiction for books, but movies, D&D or other rpgs would be fun too.


    • Feb 07, 2020 at 12:37 PM

      I'd be interested in some RPG'ing, but no other takers yet. As far as books go, we all definitely seem to be leaning toward I'm going to make a proposal now.

    • Feb 13, 2020 at 03:40 PM

      The D&D one sounds fun.
      Been a DM for 2 years for 2 parties in a world I completely homebrew myself (never played as player though). I don't know any other DM's and my players don't give a lot of feedback other than the normal yeah we enjoy it.

      Would be nice to maybe get some input and ideas from other D&D fans what they think a "good" session would be like. Like a tips and tricks page on what you can do to make a session better and what absolutely not to do.

      Kind regards

      • Feb 13, 2020 at 11:39 PM

        Dell Stinnett-Christy Sven Swennen I could create a Weekend RPG Club thread...and invite people to share their tips there -- and that might even lead to some online gaming? Let me know if that would interest you both.

        • Feb 14, 2020 at 07:57 AM

          The weekend RPG club thread sounds great, I will surely participate on it whenever I have time!

          The online gaming part will be a big question mark for me at the moment. I used to game a lot but since I started working my hours in games has gone down drastically (which might not be a bad thing :p ).

          Kind regards

  • Feb 04, 2020 at 08:22 AM

    I'm in. To make it more precise.. here are my suggestions:

    Right now I'm reading

    The Scent of Death (Simon Beckett) have to say, I'm reading the german translation, so would be nice what differs.

    I'm playing Fallout 4, Not brand new, but that makes the charm as I'm also not the youngest gamer :-)

    Also I would go for recommendations either games or books.

    • Feb 07, 2020 at 12:34 PM

      Big fan of Fallout 4. Currently on my second playthrough...mostly because I wanted to try the DLCs (Far Harbor, Nuka-World), but also because I wanted to side with a different faction.

      Thanks for the book suggestion! Maybe we can start with that...

    • Feb 10, 2020 at 11:16 AM

      Fallout 4? Cool!

      Put quite some time into this game.

      In my last play-through finished all DLCs and achieved all follower perks.

      With level 110 and something I didn't have anything to do left.

      A Mirelurk Queen falls with one shot from my nuka cola quantum-ed Big Boy.

      Was quite devastated learning that Fallout 76 is crap.

      Plans for Fallout 1st don't sound anything better.

      What a shame...

      • Feb 10, 2020 at 07:22 PM

        Nuka-World is also on my list. Just finished it with the institute. Did the mistake to try first Fallout 76 and let it go for a long time. Fallout 4 is really nice and I have spent a lot time compared to most of the other games I spend time.

        You know, I just have a few hours to cut for that.

        NExt to that I play Homeworld - Deserts of Kharak which is also a timeconsuming game, but really cool. A little bit from Command and Conquer included :-)

        • Feb 13, 2020 at 08:42 AM

          My biggest time eaters of the last 30 years are WoW, Skyrim, X-COM2(+WotC), CIV(1-6), AoE1-3, Diablo1-2, Fallouts, Dunes, M&Ms and C&Cs. Special mention: Total Annihilation(later Supreme Commander) and Freelancer. First Original: Carrier Command.

          Homeworld - DoK is cool? Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try, next.

          Thanks to my great wife, I still can spare some time(family comes first, however...).

          Have fun,


  • Feb 07, 2020 at 01:10 PM

    Thanks to everyone who responded. Based on comments, I'd recommend the following:

    Film club: Gregory Misiorek and Matt Fraser seem open to discussing "Ex Machina," so I propose we start with this film.

    Book club: Florian Henninger recommended "The Scent of Death" by Simon Beckett. I propose that we kick off the club with this book.


    Gaming/anime clubs: A few members are interested in these topics, but I don't have enough participants/proposals yet to schedule anything concrete yet. So if you're a fan of these things and you have recommendations, please let me know!

    I'll give everyone the weekend to think it over, and assuming nothing changes (e.g., people don't back out, new book/film proposals don't come along with more interest), I'll go ahead and schedule the first-ever meetings of the Weekend Film Club and Weekend Book Club! I'll likely share the details early next week (again, to give people a chance to mull over the choices). At the moment, I'm leaning toward scheduling the film discussion for February the 22nd and the book discussion for a Saturday in early March (to give everyone a chance to read).

    As always, your feedback is appreciated!

    • Feb 07, 2020 at 05:33 PM

      I haven't seen Ex Machina yet, so if I want to watch it, just to make sure I'm watching the right thing, it's a film from 2015 correct?

      • Feb 07, 2020 at 05:39 PM

        2014, I think. Award-winning film, and it's currently "trending" on Netflix.

    • Feb 08, 2020 at 12:37 PM

      i had to go to wikipedia to refresh my 'knowledge' about the movie, but don't want to spoil the plot as it twists very nicely. after reading it, i think i got it backwards, but i would still recommend it over 'Artificial Intelligence' maybe because the expectations were set too high for the latter and it turned 2 movies into 1 (or 2 for the price of 1), but in the end not as good as 'Ex Machina', which was very good from an inauspicious start to an unexpected finish.

      'Alien', anyone?

      • Feb 12, 2020 at 10:54 PM

        I have some good "Alien" stories, but let's start with "Ex Machine" and save that for a future discussion.

        More coming soon...

  • Feb 08, 2020 at 05:19 PM

    Ooooh - just checked out Scent of Death (Simon Beckett) on Goodreads - right up my street. I’m in!

  • Feb 12, 2020 at 11:34 PM

    Here we go:

    Weekend Book Club: "The Scent of Death"

    Weekend Movie Club: "Ex Machina"

    Join one...join both...make more suggestions!

    • Feb 13, 2020 at 12:38 PM

      Hi Jerry,

      probably will not re-watch 'Ex Machina' as that would become 'work', but maybe will watch 'Parasites' some time this week, mainly to find out if it lives up to the quite recent 'hype'. i heard from others that is about anything to do with technology but it's really worth watching.

      i don't really want to make any more movie suggestions but will definitely enjoy others making recommendations.

      thx, greg

      BTW, did you know that the HPI is within walking distance of Babelsberg movie studios in Potsdam? so, in my mind there has always been an SAP movie connection.

  • Feb 13, 2020 at 06:42 AM

    Wow, nice idea,I am joining no question. Right now reading two books Freedom from the Known and Atomic habits both great. Gave a look to "The Scent of Death" by Simon Beckett sounds interesting so lets meet at the next meet:). I used to be a hug fan of Counter Strike but now have to do with Mario Super Odyssey and all as my kid love that game!

    Looking forward to the club meeting.

    • Feb 13, 2020 at 02:15 PM

      Fantastic! Those books sound interesting, but for the book club, I think we're going to stick with fiction. On the other hand, if members prefer to throw a non-fiction book into the mix (or do a fiction and non-fiction club), I'm fine with that!

  • May 20, 2020 at 03:10 PM

    Wanted to give this thread a bump -- as a reminder that if you have an idea for a club, please share here! If there's interest in the club, I can help set up the calls, etc. (At the moment, we have a club for films and books (fiction), and we may soon be launching a club for non-fiction books as well!)

    With everything going on right now, I'd be happy to do whatever I can to assist members who want to connect and talk about common interests (even those that extend beyond typical SAP Community topics).



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