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Our original content (blogs) are being stolen! We need to react

I was doing some reseach yesterday about analytics on Fiori Launchpad on ONE Launchpad and they mentioned this blog post about it, a few hours ago I searched for it on our well know search engine that also have an analytics product. For my surprise, it wasn't the only result.

I found other one on that looked exactly the same. I breathed, looked again and confirmed: is the same content, but with a little difference: no reference to original author. Maybe the author wanted to post on this other site too, no problem... but I don't think it was this way: 10 random posts about random topics was also found on SAP Community Blogs.

Then a little investivgation with source inspector: is not even an elaborated copy, it was done by a shameful kid that copied and pasted the entire thing, even images references (yes, they are stored on SAP servers, go there and "right click -> open image on a new tab" to check its sources) and slug name for the article. Look at the links presented on "Previous articles section" from this post, (welcome back if you clicked on them).

While processing all those facts I had a Dejà vu about that domain and remembered this post about identity theft.

This is serious threat: a person spend free time (mostly) to think, write a good content to share knowledge, expertise, insights with us, and then have it stolen, anonymized and reposted into another source without consent. The mininum the original author deserves is to be acknowledged as the author.

Even I oficially joined fairly recent this site, I consumed a ton of posts and discussions since 2013 when I moved into SAP development/industry, by the point that I know by names when I need to search something about a specific topic. I could compile a list here, but I will mention only one to justify how important is to credit the author: starting as CRM developer, I read on a weekly basis something written by Thomas Jung; I was not searching about him, but every time his name crossed my screen as the author. Even when was about other topics outside CRM, like this relic from SDN times. It repeated so many times that I linked his name as one source of good stuff.

They mention that they comply with DMCA, but you know... you can't trust someone that just stabbed you, eventually the ethical felony will repeat.

I am not really sure if SAP could do something on their images content server to forbid serving data with origin from that site to at least make this page less useful with broken images.

But we, as authors, content consumers, community: what can we do? A collective action to file a DMCA against them? Riot? Strike until we have better safety against this type of menace?

Update #1: 5 sites were identified that does the same dirty trick. I wrote a script to build some statistics about them: almost 100k post were possibly duplicated, and all that content occupies around 1GB of text-only data.

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