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author's profile photo Robert Russell

Back in time - the first question on SDN and resurrecting old questions

A recent email from someone asking me about something I posted back in 2010 on this site, made me think about SDN and the very first question. For some reason I recalled SDN started back in 2004. I have from time to time covered this sites stats so have an interest in its history. However, I found information from 2003. So I was wrong and I trust SDN's Wikipedia entry as it states 2003 and way back machine confirmed it for me.

The first question I found was from Mark Finnern

From this, I turned my search onto another thought, sometimes very old questions are resurrected. If that is an appropriate term for updates to very old questions :). So a bit of a homework quiz for myself to create a SQL query to try and find out the longest gap in updates to questions. When I found the 3rd question created on SDN was moderated 13 years later on some of my first queries I stopped searching :) seems to me that must be hard to beat. However 15 years was the longest gap (I found) ! Maybe the genius backwards compatibility/stability of SAP software or even technical debt that will have to be paid later when upgrades/changes have to be made, keeps question relevant. Also I smiled at Peter's reply to an answer on his 11 year old question (4th on my search) as he could not recall the problem that prompted the question, :)

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