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secure open source sample

Just because it's open source does not mean it cannot be secure, does it?

Have been stuck for a while with fabric code that for some reason was open not only for code changes but also for querying the transaction data off of it. now, with SAP limited free trial cloud foundry services for Hyperledger Fabric together with the open source sample code, i can demonstrate an end to end process that is secured from record writing to record reporting via data hub. it doesn't scale, but that's a question of support, project management, funding, and the like.

This record-to-report process is simple enough to both follow and to adjust to everyone's blockchain needs, so what's not to like?

A few updates since my last posting without blaming anyone:

  1. Routes configuration prevents from running a curl command to query the fabric network.
  2. Windows is still blocking linux from running docker containers easily.
  3. Oh, and my local IDE for fabric crashed and removed the TypeScript methods.
  4. Journal Entries are posting just fine even if Excel cannot easily parse them for PivotTables.

Another little update. Had to reimage my local IDE due to Windows failure. Recovered now but this gave me ideas if I really need Excel to read CSV files. Notepad for samples seems just fine, so who knows: are Googlesheets a better tool? BTW, yet another Fabric renewal off Hana trial account seems to work as fine as my direct AWS instance.

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  • Nov 22, 2019 at 12:32 PM

    looks like wiki got an uplift recently, i figured to add this link to the page i have created 2 years (oh, memories) ago:

  • Dec 08, 2019 at 12:11 AM

    20191207 update start

    another crash, this time hardware failure, not sure whom to blame but now work is spread across 3 different laptops. seems like the Excel365 power query is just fine for a limited number of blocks to parse through if i learn the record layout for a journal entry, project, or what have you. i can now easily traverse in a human readable form or the very familiar Excel grid.

    rather than look for JSON (Javascript Object Notation) parsers on line i can simply use a text editor to validate the format and thus be able to write to blockchain. also, i noticed that i don't really need to write a new CRUD chaincode to perform reporting as i already have the standard SAP fabric API's to do just that, so no need for debugging GO for now. unfortunately, i still have to rely on AWS to keep my network up and running and not to have it invalidated at the end of the trial period, even when benefiting from two generous renewals.

    i also think that i will not be tempting another Windows failure and simply will not try to virtualize linux on a local machine, whatever Microsoft may promise for Azure or legacy users. not worth the risk of jeopardizing other business uses that still require standard Windows environment.

    201912107 update end

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