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​Trying to get (back) into ABAP in Eclipse (#AdT).

...I've been away for some time (did you notice?), and now am getting back to AdT.

But simple tasks seem (still) hard or even not possible like:

* learning about the latest features:

* comparing two open tabs / sources

* Editing (when there are) enhancements

By the way: This is a re-use of a Mastodon-toot I just made:

SAP Community is currently not my primary social place, but it might be again in the future. (Getting back into that, too.)

Nice to still see familiar names around here!



[Edit: it's really nice to be able to just edit ones posts! - it has not always been that way! ;-) ]

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  • Oct 08, 2019 at 02:50 PM

    Yes, we (= I) noticed. :)

    I've been dutifully going back to Eclipse for some time to see if I could use it but, honestly, every time it just irritates me. It's possible that I simply don't know how to use it properly but isn't it supposed to be intuitive? I worked with Visual Studio before and somehow managed with SE80, so another IDE shouldn't be so hard.

    I found this document FAQ for SE80 Experts Using ADT and it's very helpful but I feel that Eclipse just has too many things that I don't need (and I very much dislike the tiny buttons and font and right-click menu that has 300 items in it) yet simple things that I use most are not more convenient.

    For example, the other day I just wanted to open an existing report that I knew had certain text in the name. In SAP GUI, I go to SE38 (which is in my favorites in the menu), enter Z*TEXT* and it's right there. In Eclipse, I wasn't really sure where to go and ended up opening $TMP package (which is in my favorites) and then going through the whole nested tree structure to get to the reports. Now looking at FAQs it seems I should've opened Project Explorer. But this just did not occur to me at that moment. I work with the reports 90% of the time, so SE38 is actually more convenient to me because I don't even need other objects (and if I do, I just navigate to them from the report).

    I'm sure someone will jump right in to profess their love for Eclipse but I remain of opinion that the developers should be able to choose which IDE to use. SE80 still works in S/4HANA, at least on premise. If it's no longer technically possible to use then I'll switch. Not a huge deal either way.

    • Oct 11, 2019 at 10:01 AM

      CTRL+SHIFT+A is all you need. Type


      and if you know that's a report after type: prog (shift+space gives you always a hand where the small light appears).

      I can understand what you are saying, but visaul studio or any other IDE also has a thousand buttons you don't need.. I see more the problem, that we think that we have to be as fast as in the SE80 right that moment we open eclipse and that is not true :-)

      • Oct 11, 2019 at 07:34 PM

        Yeah, the keyboard shortcuts are not really my thing. :)

        I definitely don't expect to be proficient in Eclipse from the get-go and it's completely normal to have some degree of discomfort. But it's almost every single thing that irritates me there, so at some point it just becomes too much and I go back to the comfort of SAP GUI. There have been other environments / apps that I had to start using recently but none of them gave me the same grief as Eclipse. I think it's even more challenging if you already have something that works fine for you. If it was just a new IDE and I had nothing to compare it to I might have thought it was fantastic.

        Anyways, I would not discourage anyone from using it but SE38 works perfectly for me and I'm sticking to it. Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya. :)

        • Oct 13, 2019 at 08:33 PM

          Hehe.. but imagine you can do ABAP, JAVA, Phyton and all other stuff in the same IDE... also a browser is there... I love to not switch the tool anymore.. just because of switching the language I am using atm.

          But hey.. I'm with you and if you don't need those fancy stuff everything is fine with the SE80 :-)

    • Dec 11, 2019 at 01:09 PM

      You have a point of not returning back.

      When you start really to use Eclipse, you have some tools inside you cannot live without. The most impressive is the refactoring. With clean code I am changing all the time the name of the method, parameters, ... with eclipse it is a 10sec, with SE80 it is .... 10mn ?

      You could also extract part of a method to another method

      The completion CTRL + SPACE, the information F2 ...

      To open 10 objects at the same time, split the screen in several part (to see the interface at the same time you see the class, and the Unit test). Just this one see the code & the Unit test at the same time. How could you write TDD with SE80 ??

      but that's true, you have to loose some times to lear Eclipse. Maybe the best is to start near someone who could answer all your questions

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