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[Bug]ger off Using SAP.Com

Last week I had an issue with the notifications on this wonderful site as several people have had in the past. This time I did not see a new Bug, so I raised one. [BUG] - Notifications broken again! - SAP Answers. As you can see in the discussion, I was not the only one seeing issues - Vadim Kalinin who had been vocal about the last time there was issues also seconded my problem.

The problem got fixed - pronto! Great, got to love the team, right? And then I see this...

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It is our friend Sajid Amir who is supposed to be one of the internal people getting this new SCN working properly. What gives Sajid, tired of hearing about the problems on the site? Maybe if you down vote people, they will stop complaining?

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Feb 13, 2017 at 10:08 PM Moshe Naveh edited Feb 14, 2017 at 02:42 PM

I see exactly the same case for:

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P.S. Same with my other bug report:

Sajid Amir: -1

Jerry Janda: 1

Resulting: 0

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Great, the first inofficial challenge here - how do I lookup the names of up- and down-voters of questions - just ask the .... :)

@Raghu: Happily, the down vote has been modified.

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You can't lookup for particular name vote, but if it's a single vote :)

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Hm, I guess I *can* via the previously shown method...:)

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Thanks Volker :) - In the end, I don't really care where the vote count stands, it is more a matter of principle about what I think most of us in this community do every day in our jobs - Listen to the user base and not start by insulting them.

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Hey that is an interesting development in this underwhelming soap that is SAP's feeble attempt at 1DX

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Hello Raghu,

Cool that you have figured out how to find down voters (this information is supposed to be private)! And I did in fact down vote that question as I was not aware of any issues with the Notification service that day. Isn't that how this new platform is supposed to work? By down voting and up voting things so they get more/less visibility in our Community - I urge you to do the same! I would have appreciated it if you had reached out to one of our team members to discuss this matter. But given you have submitted this in CC, I am unsure what the issue is now. If you believe your post did not deserve the down vote I apologize. I was only using my best judgement at the time.

And FYI Raghu I am afraid we do not have @mentions on our site yet so mentioning me or other users won't get their attention. It is thanks to a colleague that he was able to direct this my way so I could answer.


Sajid Amir

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And FYI Raghu I am afraid we do not have @mentions on our site

Yes, I am very aware of that, and also that it is a much requested feature

I would have appreciated it if you had reached out to one of our team members to discuss this matter.

Excuse me?? The matter was a bug, it was seconded by Vadim Kalinin before you down-voted me. And based on Moshe's post Reporting Bugs and Providing Feedback After Go Live | SAP Blogs this is how you report a bug. Quoting "When you encounter a bug, please create a question (using the tag “Using”) explaining what occurred including relevant links, images and if possible a video." And especially without @mentions, how do you propose I reach out to you? Do you want to post your phone number here so we can reach out?

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Sorry for the confusion Raghu, but by "matter" in the following statement:

would have appreciated it if you had reached out to one of our team members to discuss this matter.

I meant the matter of someone (me) down-voting your question and NOT you posting the issue on Please do continue to use to report bugs as usual.

And users can (corrected: cannot without the mods following back) reach any moderators on SAP Community via Direct messages. And I am sure you know all too well, sharing personal contact information is not allowed by our ROE ;)

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You seem to be just digging a hole for your self by a) insisting on secrecy and b) not acknowledging that the crux of the issue is that never ever tell your customer that they were an idiot for raising a question. If the question is suspect or you need more information, as a part of the team putting this together, you try to figure it out - not insult the messenger - and especially if there really was an issue as in my case.

Right now my notification icons are not working again, I have 3 unread messages and there is no notification badge. Tell me, what should I do now?

  • Raise another bug knowing that you will vote it down
  • Ignore it hoping the issue will go way
  • Or, Direct message you so that it gets shoved under the carpet


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Hello Raghu, given I am the business contact for Notifications and Activity Streams you can contact me regarding these issues. And you should know that I did not mean to insult you by any means. You will notice that I have already apologized as I realize that my action may have been misinterpreted.

About the notification counter, we have recently implemented an update and it is working as expected. The notification counter will display the no. of new notifications and on clicking the indicator and accessing the notifications inbox, the No. will automatically vanish. The indicator will not represent the No. of unread notifications any longer. In the coming sprints, we will incorporate a message in the Notifications inbox that will indicate the No. of unread notifications and allow users to filter notifications by read/unread status.


Sajid Amir

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[Comment only on this future-announcement, ignoring the trouble and emotions around it in that thread]

I think I like(/can work with) the new behavior!

But I would suggest improvements to the way it's communicated: I would have expected a blog about it on tag "".
(Even a small one, maybe just linking to this comment here, would have been fine; it should just have been a new Blog in order to show up in my RSS-Client!)

(Originally posted on ]

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Anybody with some basic CSS knowledge can access way more important and critical information than what Raghu shared. #justsaying.

And for bots it is even easier...

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The thread was already edited by the moderators, so had to read through to get the pieces together. Raghu, hopefully I understood it correctly - is your concern about the SCN team members (Sajid in this case) downvoting the bug reports?

While I'm all for the freedom of speech in general, based on what I see, in this case the usage of down/upvoting have been misunderstood. For example, if Raghu just posted a "Gah, notifications don't work!" without any evidence then yes, a downvote could be in order. But it seems that Raghu clearly explained the case with a screenshot, so downvoting because "this did not happen to me" seems uncalled for. And I don't see other SCN members doing that either. E.g. if I can't recreate a bug I'll just reply and say it's not happening to me. Maybe it got fixed already or maybe there is more to it, who knows?

And Sajid, I'm sorry but no, we can't reach to the moderators via direct message. It's only the moderators who can message anyone, us mortals can't. We can only DM when both parties follow each other. I'm not sure how you envisioned the SCN members reaching out to you, you can clearly see below there is no DM option:

image.jpg (29.1 kB)
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To lighten the mood a little here, I was inspired by the picture Raghu posted to share this funny phone company video clip: (a timeless classic featuring Lily Tomlin)

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Funny and appropriate

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It's really sad this kind of attitude from the moderators.

If you are a moderator, in my opinion, you don't downvote a bug without explaining why.

Even more, if you think it's not correct, just close the question and explain why you did so.

i know being moderator is a voluntary thing but still try to keep things professional, for Chtulhu, and show the right way to interact with the community.


removed an unprofessional word as per Steffi's note. Sorry!

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Weeeell, dropping an F-bomb is not very professional either, Simone. Just saying...

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True, sorry and i'll remove it immediately.

As (pretty lame) excuse i can say i was reading Jelena's post with snakes in the title :)

But it's really lame and poor excuse.

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Hey, hey, hey, don't drag me into this, I was just quoting from a movie! :) Although refraining from strong language is getting more and more of a challenge on SCN, I should say. Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into Gordon Ramsay.

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i never intended to drag you in, it's all my fault!

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