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Jim's blog posting tip number 4: Time to write, time to read

One of an occasional series of ideas for better posts. This time: "time".

The current blogging platform includes a predictor of how long a specific post would take to read. Clearly, this estimate is only a guess since reading and comprehension speeds differ, and the number of words and other complexity underlying the number can't take into account the prose density (AI be darned).

What is the tip? Save your draft while working, and see what this estimate is. Under 3 minutes, and you've got a quick tip. Over 15 minutes, maybe you need to publish in parts for easier digestion. Entirely up to you.

When writing, my rule of thumb is at least an hour of preparation and typing for content than someone could easily read in a minute. Did I spend 12 hours on the above post? Perhaps.

I find 10 minutes by this formula to be a gauge that I've posted something meaningful.

Prior tips:

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