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[Status update] I got some gooood karma.


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Feb 10, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Wow, congrats!

Although, if you look at it with a German locale (where "," is the decimal mark) it seems like just "1 point 000" Karma Credits! ;-)

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At least it's above Zero. :D

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That's true! And if expressed in a percentage value it would be 100% !

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"So how much karma do you have?"

"All of it!"

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Congratulations :-)

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“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” :)
Wayne W. Dyer

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Hiding other members’ karma credit from public display encourages quality contributions over quantity, and lessens competition.


What have you done, Steffi?! You've unleashed the competition upon us, now we are all doomed!!!

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I guess she wanted to report a bug with the label. Instead of Karma credit it should be called Aroma credit since she got most of it from the Coffee Corner.

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Do moderators have already a way to see a detailed list of actions, for which a member received the credits? This is nice.... I suppose, that 90% of mine are also from CC interactions - I am not as active as before the migration. I'd love to see the credits from Coffee Corner, listed separately as Aroma Credits.

@Audrey Stevenson: if you stumble upon the discussion, is this technically possible ... in the distant future? It would be a nice touch, no need to have any special purpose for these Aroma Credits :)

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Yes, moderators can see more details, but it is not as easy as I wished it to be from a technical point of view. I also have no reason and desire to look into that detail since the point cheaters do not enjoy the new Community. And I swear I had not checked before I made my comment and I neither do now.

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True karma is coming from accepted answers :) Easy to check!

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I thought, that Karma credits are increased also from likes and up-votes. I don't care much about gamification, but if it is really unavoidable, then at least CC likes should not have the same weight/importance as liked content in regular questions.

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Do you remember what happened with like points in the old SCN :)? No points due to point cheating...

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Woah, I just wanted to make a karma joke and now we're at it again analysing the reputation stuff.

Jürgen is right, of course. Most of my karma is probably from the CC, but it's not my fault I'm so likable here. :P

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Yes, that seems to be a repeating pattern here: One tries to make some fun on features of the new community, and it gets seriously discussed.

I do not know what that means, except there still seems to be hope things could improve...

Aside: You got one more like now. I guess SAP owes a "coffee flat" to you:)

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Karma karma karma chameleon...

Oh hell, now there's a nasty earworm that won't go away...

Congrats, Steffi! And of course it's because you're so likable! :)

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