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[Status Update] I really hate it when...

Adobe Flash Plugin takes over my browser and then stops working... at random... for no good reason.... other than today is Tuesday maybe?

If somebody else needs a place to rant (it does not need to be Adobe Flash) - you are welcome :)

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Feb 07, 2017 at 07:08 PM
236 send an email asking to explain some requirements; manager jumps in and schedules a meeting with the users; users and manager spend the meeting time talking about something completely different and... the action item for you is to get the requirements. There should be some law against this stuff.

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Feb 08, 2017 at 03:10 PM
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It was actually more like this one, especially the conclusion:

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Both classic videos - worth a watch and a laugh...I have my own suspicions as to what detailed design specifications were penned in transparent ink...

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I'm happy I banned Flash altogether from my laptop - if I really need it (e.g. PGI-Connect.Websessions by SAP) I just use Chrome). Works for me so far!

(Also, it lets me safely ignore those "always update your Falsh to the latest Version, to fix that security holes"-notices).

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I use Flash in a VM - only for SAP meetings, but I do not use Chrome, just Firefox ESR.

I have banned Flash and Java from all machines at home several years ago, this VM is the only exception.

I am so looking forward to the major browsers stopping any Flash support!

Ever since I started persuading my friends to get rid of Flash, I have far less work to do cleaning malware.

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Nice to see I'm not alone!

Do you know if anyone has ever tried to convince SAP to get anon-flashsolutionfor their websessions?

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Just tell them Oracle uses Flash.

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So true! Or Navision ;)

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...when people use a color background in the emails. Or bitmaps in signatures.

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I prefer emails with missing image placeholder icons.

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or squirly, colourful fonts and different sizes in a business email that make it near impossible to read.

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I use different fonts and colors in e-mails sometimes.

Usually it is just a slightly bigger font size, bold/underline for important topics. I use colors when I respond to a long list of questions and add the answers in the original e-mail directly. I know, using different colors in e-mails is bad, but the highlighting option in Outlook produces even worse results (there is no quote option for partial content in Outlook, as far as I know).

It would be interesting to learn if there are better alternatives...

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You do what I do. Makes a part jump of the page and better than just bold and underline

I'm referring to cases when someone loves the colour pink with a running-writing style font like a paint brush.

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I only use standard font with some bold/underline if needed and yes, color when I have to comment in someone else's email.

This matches the standard of our new corporate overlords. Before that we had some ladies in accounting sending emails using some script font on a rainbow background with unicorns all over. Almost made my eyes bleed. I bet if it was possible to send scented emails they would use that too! :)

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...when it is Friday and the Weekend SAPpers post their basic questions all over with wrong tags.

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... the same question gets asked ONE day later - even if the first one was answered and no other question was asked in the meantime:

SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management Community

AND it is a question that was asked 3243(*) times:

* Quite 'silly' what search results get returned - most have nothing to do with training...

neo50.png (24.9 kB)
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It is better to use this (even though you get less results):

Or this (then use the search rating): is better than the search option, which you used, because you have some control over fuzzy search (which has never worked really well).

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Oh, also:

... when people start their SCN posts with "Hi, I'm <insert name>". Double points if the name does not match the profile.

BTW, Google -> "Hi, I'm" -> 5470 results.

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