Show ALL questions on one tag?

Is there a way to load ALL questions on a specific tag? (Without braking my finger by clicking "more" 100 times? )

..this would be so helpful, I then could just use STRG+F in my browser...

Or is there a way to get a tabular few of the questions on a tag? Something like ,but not for Blogs but for questions, and not only your own ones but all…)

Something like (no, this doesn't work, I tried.... )

My use case is: I have an answer to a question I know someone asked a long time ago... if I would find that question again, I could check, if the answer there is still missing and provide it, if that's the case...

It’s frustrating that it's so hard to contribute in this case - it should be really easy™!

(In case you’re wondering: the answer in that case is not "42" but "2354516" (SAP Note).



PS: I’m asking here in Coffee Corner, as I thing I have higher chances in getting an helpful hint compared to Using

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Feb 03, 2017 at 12:31 PM edited Feb 03, 2017 at 01:10 PM

My guess: If such a url existed, it would be common knowledge now. Especially here in the CC. ^^

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Computer says nooo.

Are you sure that 23545167 is the SAP note? Maybe you've switched 2 digits by mistake

Cheers, Rob Dielemans

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Hi Rob, your' right, it's 2354516 acutally!

I Corrected it in the post above now, thanks for checking!

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Well, found what I thought I remembered:

it already had a "best answer" so I guess the creator of the question was happy already. Nevertheless added my input, might be helpful in case someone is using search.

There's still one new thing I learned on this one:

While only certain sort-options ("oldest" NOT being one of them) a provided, adding a


to the URL does work fine:

Try for yoursefe if you want:



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Well, there's something:

?pageSize=[some big number]

like in

...but it seems there's some build in Max-Number, as the above one only goes back until December.

Still, it saves you some clicks on "show more".

Here's how i found out:

Chrom F12, Console, Rightclick, "Log XMLHttpRequest", click on "show more" :

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Would this not be a good use case for the type ahead search functionality of the Answer hub screen? It would seem to me that beyond a certain number of entries, the idea of an unbound or row limited request to return all questions would be detrimental to both your client browser and the server itself?

g7pnb.png (25.1 kB)
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hmmm - this would work better if the selected primary and/or secondary tags were taken into consideration when phrasing 'Your question' in the input box...currently it would appear the search is ALL answers (questions) and tags are only hear to bind the new question for future interaction.

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