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Replace Activities and Notifications with a Fiori (SAPUI5) Master Detail design

As some of you already use Helmut's tag navigation custom SAPUI5 application which he built by himself in I believe less than two days, there is opportunity to use SAP's own Best of Breed UI Technology to solve the structural issues with the Activities and Notifications pages. Please visit Idea Place and vote up this idea. I am hoping to receive 100 votes in 24 hours. SAP using SAP technology to help folks participate in talking about SAP technology. It's a threefer! SAP already uses this same technology in many places (CSS tickets is one). It is also already being used in this SAP Community for the Moderator's pages.

And if you are tech savvy folks (I think most of you are), go to Helmut's app and view the source. It makes you wonder why we did not start with this for anything outside of blogs and questions.

Thanks for your support!


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Jan 27, 2017 at 04:22 PM

Here is the idea for this:

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Ooops! And thanks Steffi!

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Teamwork. ;)

EDIT: Now I've seen that you actually DID post the link to the idea in your start post. I just didn't see it, sorry. :/

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That's okay Steffi. I had a hard time seeing and thought that I had left it out (not my first error in posting!). Maybe I will stick with my usual practice of just pasting the link instead of embedding it. It seems rather difficult to see embedded links with the subtle font color change. Wish we could still with the old, but still easily visible blue of links from long ago (3 years?).

Thanks, Mike
SAP Technology RIG

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Or, I don't know, have the option to choose a color for the links and texts? Now that would be something! SciFi and wishful thinking, I know. But one can dream. ^^

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Yes, some websites have predefined themes, from which you can choose (of course you need to be logged in to get the one, which you set in your profile).

Unfortunately, I don't think that we will get complete themes, because the team is trying to unify the experience across (I don't expect any fancy colors as an option).

There is an alternative to do that on your end with Greasemonkey or Stylish (personally, I would not install the second add-on - I have read some worrying comments on adware, which comes with it, but it is up to the user to decide).

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@Michael: I have not voted yet...
My main concern is, that if we mention FIORI and SAP Community website in the same sentence, it could open another can of worms.
What is desperately needed, is a good design concept for a website, not creating a number of FIORI apps on top of what we have (as it can be potentially misinterpreted by some people).
I could be wrong in this, I am neither a developer, nor a UX designer, but FIORI means also accepting some limitations. What about session timeouts? Would we go through the same discussions as with SAP One Support Launchpad team and explain why timeouts are not an acceptable solution? My current understanding of session expired handling in SAP Notes Search is that this is how FIORI works.
@Volker: I know of only two ways to influence how a website looks from my browser: 1) by overriding the settings for all web pages in my browser settings (I don't like this, there are plenty of well-designed websites, where I wish to see how they look originally), and 2) by using scripts. The alternative is 3) to wait for SAP to change the small light grey font, element sizes and links styles to something readable, but after 4 months I lost hope.
By the way, in my browsers (Pale Moon 27.0.3 and Firefox ESR 45.7.0), the links are not gray, they are still light blue and this is great (one of the few bugs, of which I am grateful).
If there is a forth option to make the content readable in SAP Community, I don't know about it.
*** Sorry for not replying to the exact comments, the more comments bug is still unsolved***

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I have the same reservations about Fiori keyword. In my work, I also prefer the users to just explain what they need instead of jumping to suggesting a technical solution.

And yes, Launchpad may have given bad rep to Fiori too.

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Complaint submitted:

Seriously, this is just f*g ridiculous.

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Thanks. Waiting for the suggestion to create an idea, so I can vote it up. I hope this doesn't fall under the "we have a design throughout the whole page and can't change this" category.

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Had a reply to Veselina's first comment here. It disappeared.

So posted another reply that said, that my first one got eaten by SCN. That's gone now, too.

I feel trolled by the new platform...

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