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Long Weekend

All caught up on moderation tasks, queue is empty, monitored tags seem ok, notifications are all "grey"... ready for a three-day offline weekend!

Oops, except now I've notified all the world that for three days they can run wild across my tags... :(

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Jan 26, 2017 at 11:34 PM

I think you'll be safe :)

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I agree, I don't think bad things will happen!

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Have fun, Matt! :)

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enjoy the long weekend!

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There was a thread on Reddit recently on how you are not supposed to share your vacation details on social media as to not alert the thieves. Some comments were hilarious (NSFW language though).

Have fun! :)

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Yep. And in general I do not. Of course, I should realize that SCN is actually more public than, say, Facebook (unless you post in 'global' mode there, which I generally do not). But I was trying to be a little facetious here. :)

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Forget the thieves, but don't say it in front of your systems!

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