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Oh yes! More tags!

From a wonderful comment from Jerry

It's on the road a process to add new tags....

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Jan 24, 2017 at 04:33 PM Jürgen L edited Jan 24, 2017 at 06:48 PM

What about the process of removal of unused tags :)?

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There are unused tags?

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Perfect, soon there will be more tags than contents !

The index will be bigger than the table.

Great Job !

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Jan 24, 2017 at 05:48 PM

Am I doing something wrong in that clicking on the link tries to take me to

http://the%20ideas%20place/ while the actual site link is ?

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My fault! i switched text with url... i was in hurry :)

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Erm...probably I am to blame....

At some point I mentioned, that it makes no sense to have separate tags per FIORI app, considering that SAP added a bunch of WEBGUI transactions in the FIORI apps library and counting the number of available SAP transactions.

I think we might be getting at least one tag per transaction ... 120k more?!

@Chris Bosler: Simone switched the link text with the link URL by mistake, just copy-paste the link text in your browser URL bar.

The whole story of adding tags, but not thinking of a procedure of removing them, reminds me of an old joke about a blonde: "How do you turn this thing off?"

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i thought the same, but, checking, the editor show it correctly...

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I think, Jürgen edited it.

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*sighs and go to open another bug under Using*

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I, too, commented about that somewhere but apparently haven't made it into an "Idea"

...the bug you're filing is about a lot of unnesessacra "noise", right? (but that's nothing new, is it?)

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No, the fact that if Jurgen edited my post, i did not received the notification.

The only time i miss the notification noise...

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Don't create content, don't follow tags, don't follow questions and blogs, don't follow too many people (especially don't follow moderators), if possible - don't follow anybody. If possible - don't log on :)

I am not sure if it was him - it was just a guess - I think, that I saw something in my activity stream...

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Perhaps some clarification...

Members have been asking how they can go about requesting new tags -- posting this question in the community ( and in Idea Place ( (I believe there are other examples, but these two are newer and fresher in my head.)

This is not to meant to suggest that we'll be handing out new tags willy-nilly. (You get a tag! And you get a tag!) As I wrote in my Idea Place response above, the team is setting up a process to ensure that only tags with clear value will get added to the list. For example: The tag needs to guarantee a certain amount of related content, and there should be proof that the community wants the tag.

Also as I wrote in my Idea Place response: I honestly don't know the potential process for eliminating tags, but I have brought the idea to the same team that's working on the process for adding them.

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Jerry, it's Coffee Corner and this wanted to be a funny Status Update.

i found just hilarious that with a bunch of tags empty and a structure so complicated there is a way to require more new tags and not a way to remove them.

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I understand, Simone. And I tried to be somewhat funny in my response. (The "You get a tag! And you get a tag!" was a riff on .)

At the same time, I thought I should try to address some of the concerns raised here...especially since I was mentioned by name.

I didn't mean to bring the room down. :)

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Jerry, like Simone, I treat this CC discussions as a way to make/have fun.

But as your answer is a serious one, I can't withstand to comment on your statement that

the team is setting up a process to ensure that only tags with clear value will get added to the list.

That seems somewhat late in the game - I had thought that process was already established when the initial tag list was collected... (even although we all here have long noticed that those choices may have been suboptimal).

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I'm convinced now that the original "tag" list was assigned to be created by a summer intern in the marketing group and was told to just use the marketing hierachy. He/She and no clue as to what the key areas are or how they work!


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I really feel like a party pooper now. And I don't want to belabor the point. But the tag list is based upon the overall SAP metadata taxonomy. It wasn't meant to be a marketing exercise so much as a way to align all online content.

I think this blog (while almost a year old...and pre-dates my joining the SAP Community team even) has the best explanation of the "metadata schema" (although there also details here and here ).

I shudder sharing any of that -- as it's fairly old and, in retrospect, opens itself wide to heavy criticism. But I do think people have legitimate concerns (and confusion) about the tags logic. I hope this provides some context at least.

And with that...I should probably back out of the room slowly before I wear out my welcome any further...

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every good party needs bad neighbors ;-)

I have in general nothing against 2800 something tags

- if I had a true chance to see only content from my followed tags. I mean not calling each tag filter individually - instead just selecting all or a variety together at once and show their content

- if I had a chance to search for content only within the followed tags

- if there was an explanation about what the tag is (would also be welcomed from moderators as we are as well not omniscient in the SAP universe)

- if this was not a training site and the people would know about their work area and know the tags that belong to it.

- if there was a quicker reaction . There was a big quake in October, sending the rescue team in February is too late for many casualties.

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All fair points, and I will share these with the tags team as well.

I hope that makes me a somewhat better neighbor. :)

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As I said somewhere here (too lazy to use SCN search to find), tags were implemented incorrectly to begin with. Tags need to be short because multiple tags can be used. It seems that New SCN tried to emulate StackOverflow (in Q&A area) but for some reason the tags were not done the same way.

Personally, I'd first get rid of all the redundancies in the tags (before even more content is created) and only then start adding new ones. Unless it's something that already existed on SCN before and was just lost in migration.

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Jerry, don't feel unwelcome, I guess nobody here is about to kill the messengers...

But to cite from the blog you pointed out to:

The metadata schema for the community will simply be the metadata of 
SAP. There’s much work going on within the 1DX project to align metadata
 across systems and channels so that we’re all speaking the same 

Frankly, I don't know what SAP's metadata is, and as a customer, should I have to know that (or even to understand at all what that notion should mean)?

When customers cannot (or do not) identify products/components by the same names that are used with those many tags, then I guess the "all speaking the same language" goal has certainly not be met yet.

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I know, and it's a problem when we expect everyone to speak SAPanese.

To Jürgen's point, perhaps defining the terms would be one solution -- although, again, that isn't exactly user-friendly. Mapping our terminology to the customers' would be the wisest course of action -- a statement that I suppose should win me an award for the most insultingly obvious observation.

For now, I can share that "Make Primary tags that make sense to new users" ( is among the most demanded features from users, and an intuitive tag picker is among the top priorities for development.

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Jerry, don't back out! Your active participation in these conversations has been a really good thing.

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Thanks, Matt! I do like joining the conversations here...

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Need moar tags!

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learn German and you have more tags

Mon-tag, Diens-tag, Donners-tag, Frei-tag, Sams-tag and Sonn-tag and every day a Mit-tag

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Feier-tag and Ruhe-tag! And, they day you decide on new tags: the tag-tag (not to be confused with tick-tack!)

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... and the boss of all the tags: Bundes-tag :D

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OMG, this explains everything !!

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Mutter-tag, Vater-tag, Kinder-tag... there is a tag for everyone! Just like here in SCN. *ahem*

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At leat one new tag is allready there:

Yesterday I stumbled over a blog about a new Tag:

(Found it via RSS-Feed which really is kind of cool!)

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Hi all,

I'll share here (informally) that we are working on the ability to hide tags.

There are some IT dependencies - not major obstacles - but they'll need a little more time before we can selectively consume tags out of the metadata tool.

In parallel, I've started an analysis with Mike Appleby and Jeff Mandl on first candidates to hide. We're not necessarily going to obliterate every tag that hasn't been used to date, but the point is a) we are close to being able to do it, and b) we have begun the analysis for what to hide.

When I have more to formally share, Jerry or I will be sure to do so in a humor-free, cat-meme-free zone.



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Hey Brian,

Why does it have to be a cat-meme-free zone? :D

For those Moderators here, please review the spreadsheet of 3 months of Questions & Answers per each valid tag,

There are hundreds of unused tags which are good candidates for removal.

For those folks who want the spreadsheet and who do not have access to the Moderator Jam group, contact me via Chat ( and send me your email address. I will be happy to send it to you.

Cheers, Mike

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@brianbernard said:

Regarding the tag audit (#2), this will be an ongoing, evolving process. We cannot remove every tag that hasn't been used yet in one fell swoop. Besides there being content associated with any given tag, we have to consider some other strategic factors.

Can you (and your "tag team") explain what "other strategic factors" are, please?


Tell me WHAT STRATEGIC did your team follow when put more than +2000 tags into a database !!! OMG... please I need some help to understand that!!!

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I can only think of economic strategic factors.

The more tags the higher your maintenance, so probably someone benfited economically of a higher number of tags for numbers sake.

Or it could be a selling point, Now! New! SAP Community with over 2000 tags.

When in doubt, follow the money.

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really like the "tag team" :-)

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What baffles me, is why SAP Customer Incident Component Hierarchy was not used as a starting point for the tag structure?
This is a classification, which is used by both SAP employees and by customers/partners.
In its current form it is huge, but if you get the first 2 levels of the hierarchy, remove the *obsolete* entries and add a few more tags like site support, coffee corner, BT and events, the end result would be better than what we got.

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I think I figured it out, it probably has to do with money. The more tags the more it cost the more it cost to maintain, etc.

What baffles me the most is the horrendous colour scheme because that had to be a deliberate choice I would love to know which schemes were rejected and on what basis.

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That hierarchy would surely make the whole lot more sense. But, if memory serves, SCN has been taken under the marketing wing (which would be like a tiger taking you under its paw, you know, for safety) and I bet to those folks some kind of internal product line-up takes precedence.

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