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It's Friday!

TGIF! I guess we could use a break from ranting about New SCN, so resurrecting the good old Friday thread.

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Jan 20, 2017 at 05:35 PM

My contribution (didn't include in the original post because the whole post is displayed in the list):

A Roman legionnaire walks into a bar, holds up 2 fingers and says: "Five beers!". :)

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Was looking for a recipe in my old personal blog and found this story from when my kid was maybe 3 years old. (It's important to note that my kid has a major sweet tooth)

In the car:

Kid: Where are we going?
Me: To a store.
K: Which store?
M: "Marshalls".
K. [excitedly]: Marshmallows?!
M: No, "Marshalls"!

10 minutes later in the "Marshalls" store.
Kid [confusedly]: But where are the marshmallows?

:) Have a great weekend!

Edit: for those not in the US I should clarify that Marshalls is not a grocery store, they mainly sell clothes and home goods.

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He sounds like my kind of person. BTW, tell your son "Happy National Chocolate Cake Day" - now you have to celebrate that!! Jocelyn Dart informed me of this great occasion.

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OMG, it actually exists! He will flip. :) Thank you!

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Recently I got stuck in traffic on the way to pick up my husband and kid from a water park. Normally I don't text him but I knew he likely wouldn't hear the phone ring and just needed to send him a short message about the delay.

Since I was driving, I just pushed a button on my bluetooth earpiece and asked Siri to text my husband: "Might be late 10 minutes". The message Siri composed was: "May have a leak, send tapes". :)

I think AI and machine learning still have a loooong way to go...

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So... did he sent tapes? ^^

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Duct tape or electrical tape? Both tapes?

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Fortunately, Siri asks to confirm the text before sending, so after I stopped laughing I was able to type it myself while sitting at a traffic light. So, no tapes for me. :)

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Now I wanna know what Siri would type if you told her to send a text that says "May have a leak, send tapes". :-D

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Looks like Siri would be fun at the "telephone" game. :D

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Coffee + Friday = ...

(At the local CoffeeShop)

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Not Friday yet but the obligatory digital security training is already cracking me up:

"Hello, IT? I have a virus on my PC. There is some white X on green background. I'm totally addicted to it and it seems to be taking over our SAP and running our enterprise." :)

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I like the C answer :)

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