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​[status update] Wow, I made front page!

Seems, despite basically only being a collection of links, my blog on ABAP packages made front page today:

This is the first time here in SAP Community, I guess it's something a can be happy about!


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Jan 12, 2017 at 03:22 PM

Despite being a collection of links, your blog still has more original content than the featured blog on HANA, which is nothing but a copy-paste from the SAP document.

Anyways... Congrats! It seems that now only 5 blogs a month or so make it to the home page, so it's an honor.

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Thanks Jelena!

It seems someone also agreed to you comment about the HANA blog an deleted it:

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Good riddance. Someone really needs to do a better job vetting the featured content. "Uhm, this one looks nice and has something to do with HANA..." Home page is only updated once a month now, so how hard can it be to actually read what you are featuring?

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Actually, updates seem to be a lot more frequent that just every month!

-> there’s new featured content just today:

Sajid about the acitivity stream and Jason on rss feeds:

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Wow, must be some seismic shift of the universe. :)

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there's a few buzz words that make front page. I do wonder what the front page traffic is compared to previous SCN front page.

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Guess I need to go check the front page more often!

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It seem's that the community overview is now updated about every week.

This weeks blogs: my ~10 days of frontpage fame are over now! ;-)



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